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Living in the West Country– The Pro’s and Con’s

Amongst some of the great comments on our Facebook page lately (if you haven’t like it here is the link) we had a discussion about whether living in the South West is right for everyone.

Obviously the answer is no but we thought it would be worth discussing the Pro’s and Con’s of life in the West Country so you could make your own mind up.




Great place to raise your family

The South West offers a fantastic environment for family life. The crime rates are generally low, most places have a great community feel to them, there are some fabulous schools in the area and there is an almost endless choice of family activities.

Fabulous Quality of Life

If you love the outdoors, fresh air (really fresh as in very low pollution levels!), choice of coast or moors, great restaurants, etc. then you will love living in the South West.

Reasonable Property Prices

Compared to London and the Home Counties your money will go a long way in the South West. The average property price in the South West is currently hovering around £300k which, although it is above the national average it is around 40% of the greater London average.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

The business community in the South West is dynamic and resourceful. The business organisations provide great support and there is a real “can-do” attitude. There is also a lot of support from Local Authorities and other inward investment agencies to help you and your business succeed.

Low Business Costs

The ground rent for business premises in the South West is a fraction of that in more populated places in the UK, and is amazing value when you compare office rents in London. This means your business costs are much lower.


Have a look at this blog from our page for more in why we think the West Country is a great place to live.

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Access to property

Due to the fact that the South West has fewer people living it compared to other areas of the UK there simply aren’t as many properties around. This means finding the right home for you and your family can be a bit harder with fewer places to choose from.

Lower Wages

The Average wage in the West Country is lower than some parts of the UK meaning you may have to accept a lower level of income after moving to either Devon or Cornwall. Of course this is good news if you run your own company as it will keep your overheads down.

Less Employment

Again, due to the lower number of people living in the West Country when compared to other parts of the UK there are less companies and therefore fewer jobs to be found.


Most parts of the West Country now have good internet connectivity but transport infrastructure in this predominantly rural part of the country can be a challenge. If you regularly work in London for example the trains can take a while and they are quite expensive.




Living and working in the West Country is not for everyone and you need to consider all of the aspects of what life in Devon or Cornwall mean to you before making the decision to move here. If you need more information about a particular part of the region or even more insight into what living in the area could mean to you then please get in touch. We are here to help and our aim is to make your move to the West Country a success.

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