Residential Property

We offer our clients personalised and bespoke property search services to find them their dream home, property or land in Devon and Cornwall.

In return for an annual Engagement Fee of £350, we will act on your behalf for 12 months to match your exact property needs. Should you go on to purchase a property we introduce to you, your Engagement Fee is refunded from our Success Fee.

As soon as you appoint Relocate South West as your sole Property Search agent we will take time to get to know you properly and to fully understand exactly what you are looking for in your dream property.



A Home Not A House

We know just how important it is to find a home rather than just a house! Somewhere you can truly relax, unwind and enjoy life. That’s exactly why we like to get to know you and your needs fully before we start helping you find your perfect West Country retreat!

We firmly believe that a “Forever” home needs to not only match your exact requirements for the bricks and mortar but it also has to match your lifestyle. It should be somewhere you can pursue your hobbies and pastimes. In addition, increasingly it needs to match your business needs too!



Where We Are Different

Most of the other Property Search agents stop short of ensuring your new property fits all of your lifestyle and business needs.

Here at Relocate South West we make sure that your dream home becomes part of your dream life in Devon and Cornwall.

We will do our utmost to make sure you know everything about the area you have chosen to move to including; the local community, the schooling, leisure facilities and the business organisations and key figures in an area.

With our intimate knowledge of both Devon and Cornwall coupled with our comprehensive networks and contacts in the region we can help you integrate as well as relocate!



Our Success Fee

If we are successful in finding you the ideal property or piece of land which you then purchase we will receive a fee of £2500 (minus your Engagement Fee).

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