Thinking of Relocating?

Moving home can be stressful and taxing but it doesn’t have to be. Careful planning and plenty of honest discussion between you and your loved ones will make the process easier.

Here we share some of the secrets that we have learned over the years to make your move to the South West easier.




Whether you’re renting or buying the first thing you need to decide is your budget. Be honest for this part. The last thing you want to do is find yourself living in your ideal location, in a fabulous property then realise you don’t have enough disposable cash each month to enjoy your new surroundings.




Once you know your budget, think about where you want to live. It’s no good sticking a pin in a map and hoping that it will work out! You may be tied to a particular location due to a new job or family commitments. If this is the case you still need to consider what amenities and surroundings you want. Do you have children and if so what age are they? A good school is essential for helping them settle in to their new home. Equally you will want plenty of things to do at the weekends or days off.



The Property

This bit is obviously very important. How many bedrooms do you need for yourselves and the friends and family that will no doubt come to stay with you? How many reception rooms? Multiple bathrooms or en-suites, how big does the kitchen need to be and do you like to potter around in the garden? Considering all of these things early on will make the difference for an easy transition into your new way of life.

If you’re thinking of buying are you willing to spend time making your own mark on the property or do you want it to be in showroom condition when you move in? If you are planning some renovation work remember to factor this into your budget! You can often get a bargain by accepting to upgrade or renovate your new property.

If you are looking to move to either Devon or Cornwall then please have a look at what services we offer by clicking here, alternatively simply get in touch with us here.

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